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Yes, there ARE great, wonderful noble doctors!
The Shapetalks Way To Win realizes that, with social pressures mounting,
more and more doctors are concerned with their toys and luxury homes,
stock portfolios and vacations, et alia, ad nauseum ad infinitum, frankly,
which RAISES the value of those doctors who are not meretricious.
Only one in twenty doctors are proving to be true servants,
those who are truly devoted to the healing arts of life.
When you do find one of those FIVE-PERCENTERS,
that's right, they now number about one in twenty,
it is useful to your health and the health of those you love,
to embrace such angels of mercy closely to your family with celerity.
Please. DO NOT BE FOOLED by kindly and politic bedside manners.
That is not how you determine who a good doctor is, not anymore, at any rate.
Too many Americans are so profoundly stupid: they mistake good manners for quality.
If your doctor is driving a luxury car or lives in a rich neighborhood, the fact is clearly displayed:
YOUR doctor cares more for money and luxury than for service and nobility of lifestyle and intent.
If you think that wealth is an indicator of someone being a "good doctor," there is no hope,
not for you, at any rate, because wealth is an indicator that they are great salespeople.
Please don't fall for such salesmen; they belong in the merchant class, not the medical one.
Along with looking at your doctor's lifestyle, look at your doctor's approach... and results.
Does your doctor first prescribe pharmaceuticals... or simpler, healthier remedies?
Those doctors who reach too quickly for prescription drugs should be avoided,
because four thousand people PER WEEK die in the U.S.A. alone from drugs,
NOT from the sickness that brought them to the doctor.
Read from Lancet, NEJM, reports from NIH and CDC,
and others which detail the facts of iatrogenia.
Reach for the front-page story of JAMA, from Aug, 2000, I believe it was,
where eis organ of a very suspect organization admits to over 100K deaths,
because if you don't believe that your life and the lives of your children depend on this,
you actually double your chances of being one of the FOUR THOUSAND people,
so sorry, four thousand people who will die this week alone from doctor or hospital error.

The Shapetalks Way To Win and all of the other Masters and Millioanires sites,
are designed for your life because you're worth it...
MisterShortcut's gift to you, in hope that you will learn more and live more,
believing wholeheartedly that you should heal naturally, so that you may live longer and stronger, healthier and happier.

Health-Towers here and TowerLinks there,
Health-Towers and TowerLinks pop up everywhere.
HealthTower are shapelinks to please your eye,
TowerLinks are another way to reach for the sky.
That's because TowerLinks and HealthTowers, too,
all lead to PowerGems designed just for you.

Let these Health-Towers and TowerLinks show YOU the way to a better you, a better tomorrow....
leading to and springing forth from... a better today.

Health-Tower Questions

What is a health-tower?
Good question, Tommy, glad you ask. A health-tower is a bridge, among other things.
Each health-tower serves as a bridge between your arrival - the health-tower page,
and the place that the Health-Links seek to deliver you to, pages of HealthGems.
HealthGems are the indisputable methods and shortcuts of long-lived people.
Scientists and doctors have their critical places in life, not all places.
Medical doctors are highly trained for critical care, drugs, and surgery.
Medical doctors have zero training in nutrition or healing of disease.
There is a serious likelihood that you did not know this pure truth.
That is why extremely smart people tend to disobey their M.D.'s.
That is because the M.D. can most often be relied upon thus:
Whatever is best for the M.D.'s income is more important.
The proof is in a human charging thousands per hour.
It is expensive to educate, loans must be repaid.
After that, it becomes an act of drinking blood.
So, health-towers are here to point your way.
May you use Life's magnificent HealthGems.
Water, air, salt, oil, fiber, good bacteria.
Those six represent a single shortcut.
Taking all six each day is magical,
adding life quantity and quality.
Shhh. Until you show us better,
why claim that you know better?

Health-Tower Answers

Health-Tower Answers, all up in a row,
travelling the web in an EyeCandy show.
Health-Tower answers, all meaning to grow,
for death speeds up when our growth gets slow.
Health-tower answers, beyond EyeCandy treat,
are found when you click into all you see.
Health-tower answers, to take you inside,
where the truths of life, easily reside.
Natural responses to internal cancers,
are found beyond health-tower answers.

Health-Tower Commentary

In closing, we hope that these health-tower questions and answers bring a smile,
and, of course, high rankings for those who choose to search for health-towers.
Most of all, the Shapetalks Way To Win hopes to help you to live healthier,
that it may be worthwhile living longer, not stuck on major health ailments.
Each page of including health-tower pages,
has information useful to, most often unknown to, people of health.

An amusing closing thought all about the Shapetalks Way To Win :
Funny how the Shapetalks Way To Win seems to embrace us,
when we choose to reciprocate the Shapetalks Way To Win